About Barbara Rachelson

Barbara Rachelson - Vermont State Representative - Chittenden 6-6Barbara has served as a state representative from Chittenden 6-6 since 2013. Some of the bills she introduced and was the lead sponsor on have become enacted into law:

Banning life without parole sentences for juveniles in Vermont;

Allowing minors age 16 -18 to file relief from abuse orders without parental permission;

Making revenge pornography a crime in Vermont;

Helping vulnerable adults, victimized by financial exploitation, be able to receive the restitution resulting from a civil lawsuit instead of the state.

Barbara has lengthy track record working for social change and justice and running organizations. Barbara is the Executive Director of Lund since 1997, and has over 35 years’ experience working in nonprofit organizations. She serves on the board of the ACLU, Vermont, the board of Human Rights for Kids and as a commissioner on the City of Burlington’s Parallel Justice Commission. Barbara was selected as a Council of State Governments 2016 National Henry Toll Fellow and a 2013 Robert J. Thompson Eastern Leadership Fellow for the Eastern Region Council. She has a MSW in Policy and Planning from University of Michigan and a BA in Sociology from Brandeis University. She lives in Burlington with her husband Don and their two cats. Their two children, Isaac, 28, and Aviva, 24, live and work in Washington, D.C.